Update and New Blog Announcement

Hello all! Happy New Year!

Here’s hoping your 2012 ended on a high note, and that your 2013 is full of happiness and prosperity.

I’m still working on what to do with this blog. I’ve decided, for the moment, to concentrate on a new, very-much related endeavor: a book club blog.

My flatmate from Ireland, Meghan, and I have started a new blog. The main focus is to provide a venue for a virtual book club, but we also plan on posting our own reviews of non-book club books as well as book announcements we find interesting and articles on literature, authorship, and readership.

We’re off and running with Good Omens by Neil Gaiman slated as our first book club event on 1st February. Come join us!

The Blog Was Better

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In Which I Announce a Revamp


Things have been crazy busy and a bit tough lately. Hurricane Sandy has caused quite a problem where I live, as is the current nor’easter. I really want to revamp this blog entirely, so I’ve set all my past posts to private until I can go through them and edit/change things. I really need to evaluate what this blog is and how I use it, especially since I’ve been away for so long. My M.Phil program was a priority, though, and there are only so many hours in the day.

I may post sporadically until I get everything to my liking. I’m job searching once again and working a full-time temporary job filling in for two consecutive maternity leaves. Oof, I do not have time in abundance, that’s for sure.

Until I make things all shiny and pretty, be well and feel free to drop me a line!

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